Important News for Gentlemen Golfers

Important Notice for Gentlemen Golfers


Non- Return of Score Cards

Non-Return of scorecards in counting competitions continues to be a problem in Beech Park.   For instance there were 36 NRs in the June Medal held on 9th &10th June. 

As a result of this ongoing issue it has been decided that from June 28th any player failing to return a scorecard will not be eligible to receive a .1 handicap adjustment.

Non-Return of scorecards has an effect on the Standard Scratch of the day.  It also affects the Mid-Year and End of Year Reviews.

Members are reminded that they are OBLIGED to return all scorecards from competition play.

Please ensure you return your card, this helps accurate handicapping across the Golf Club


The Golf Committee

The Handicap Committee

June 14th 2018


Excerpt from the CONGU regulations below:

CONGU regulations – Clause 8: Responsibility of the Player

8.8 Ensure that all competition cards in Qualifying Competitions, whether or not complete, are returned to the organising committee, and make such computer entries as may be required

Status of Incomplete Cards and ‘No Returns’ in Qualifying Competitions

(a) All cards must be returned in Qualifying Competitions, whether complete or not.
(b) It is expected that every player who enters an 18 Hole Qualifying Competition intends to complete the round.
(c) Since an incomplete card and a ‘No Return’ may have the effect of increasing a player’s handicap, the club would be justified in refusing to accept a card or record a No Return when the player has walked in after playing only a few holes.
(d) Sympathetic consideration should be given to players who have had to discontinue play for any cause considered to be reasonable by the organising Committee.
(f ) Clauses 23 (GPA Handicap Adjustment) and 24 (Suspension) of the UHS give clubs the discretion to deal with players who persistently submit incomplete cards or make ‘No Returns’ if they consider they are attempting to “build a handicap”.