Course Report October 2018  

Over the last few weeks

  • Air 2-g-2 carried out on greens the week of October 8th. Pencil tine aeration carried out on the same day.
  • Fertility program on schedule on all areas.
  • Disease pressure quite high in the last 2 weeks. 13th green in particular is going through a though outbreak. The 14,15,16,12 and 2nd greens also are at various degrees of problematic scar levels. Unfortunately, very little can be done at this time of year to push recovery as temperature’s are generally low with frost around at night. Various different fungicide treatments have been used in the last two weeks, hopefully this will put a halt to further development.
  • Regular maintenance work carried out.
  • Mowing schedule winding down as leaf litter is now becoming as issue
    • Leaf litter being mulched as much as possible.
    • New ditch on 17th is cleared on a weekly basis.
    • Ditch on 6th cleared as often as possible.
  • Shock wave aeration completed on all tees, approaches, fairways and walkways.
  • Timber on right of 5th hole cleared up from recent storm
  • Tri-angle plantation at 1st tee cleared in preparation for next phase of post and rail instillation in the new year.
  • Heights of cut on greens, tees, approaches, fairways and semi-rough all being brought up to winter heights at the moment.

Over the coming weeks

  • Setup of course as and when necessary.
  • Continue top dressing of greens as weather conditions allow.
  • Liquid feeding and chemical applications to the greens as per schedule and weather windows.
  • Winter roping will be deployed as late as possible.
  • Winter mats will be out on tees after this bank holiday weekend.
  • Leaf litter will occupy most of our labour resources between now and mid-December.
  • Reduce cutting frequency as weather conditions allow.