Course Report November 2018

Beech Park Golf Club

Course Report November 2018

Over the last few weeks

  • Disease pressure under control at present with some recovery evident on 13, 15, 18 in particular.
    • Scars will be present until spring to one degree or another.
  • Leaf litter well under control
    • Leaf vacuum is out on course clearing ditches now that most debris has fallen.
    • Full clean-up will be on going for another 3-4 weeks, weather dependant.
  • Mowing schedule is now down to a minimum to allow a body of grass develop for winter traffic.
  • Winter mats now in place, all mats checked to ensure slits for tees are present, mats washed and moved twice a week.
  • Large amount of winter roping complete, the remainder will be added as needed.

Over the coming weeks

  • Setup of course as and when necessary.
  • Continue top dressing of greens as weather conditions allow.
  • Liquid feeding and chemical applications to the greens as per schedule and weather windows.
  • If weather stays fine, we will begin sodding repairs around bunkers before Christmas
    • This will include slightly altering the lips of a few bunkers to improve the appearance and performance.
    • Bunkers will be topped up with sand in the spring
  • Begin tree pruning once leaf litter is complete
    • The pruning back of the laurel on 10,11 and 13 will take place in the new year.
      • We would hope to have member help with the clear-up on some of these areas
    • Begin fabrication of the extension to the trolley shed with on installation in the early part of the new year.
    • Continue pencil tine aeration of greens every 3-4 weeks throughout the winter period.
    • Schedule in another deep aeration process such as Air 2-G-2 for the early part of the New Year (subject to weather conditions)