Changes to BRS for 9 Hole Competitions

There are some changes taking effect on BRS to facilitate members booking into 9 hole competitions.  These changes will be effective for competitions from Sat 16th November with booking enabled on Thursday 7th at 09:30am.

This will affect all 9-hole competitions until years end.

BRS now offer a facility to reserve a slot on both 9’s when making a booking.

Members logging into BRS to book competitions may have noticed that the booking diary has started to show competitions set up for both 1st and 10th tees as per the image below:


From Thursday 7th November members will need to book for either/both 9’s when making a booking.

Members playing 18 holes will be required to book a slot on both the Front 9 and Back 9 on BRS in order for the Purse System to correctly deduct the correct amount from members purse accounts.  Booking either 9 will effect a €3 deduction from the members purse account so by playing 18 holes the correct €6 will be deducted.

When a member logs into BRS to book golf and select the date they wish to book for they will see the following options at the top of the booking screen circled in red below:

Clicking on the Blue box labelled “Beech Park 1st Tee” will allow the member to book the FRONT 9.

If the member wishes to play 18 holes they should then click on the Green box labelled “Beech Park 10th Tee” in order to reserve a slot on the BACK 9.

The Back 9 timesheet is configured to start approx 2hrs after the Front 9 so that those booking for the Front 9 can then reserve a slot on the back 9 for 2hrs after their Front 9 time.

If any members have any queries about this new process they are requested to send an email to “