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Review of Tree Management Plan (TMP) – Year 1


The TMP was approved at the Club AGM in December 2018.  The plan initially identified 136 trees almost entirely comprised of Leylandii (hybrids) for either removal or heavy pruning.  A survey identified areas for replacing these with 109 trees.  A commitment was given at the AGM that, at a minimum, all removals would be replaced on a 1 to 1 basis.   Replacement or new plantings would focus on native species.  The TMP also included plans to carry out an inventory of trees on site.

End of Year 1 review  

The focus in year 1 was on preparing a plan for replacement tree stocks to cover removals and for meeting normal new planting requirements. 

A decision was taken to establish a tree nursery as an experiment.  220 bare root native plants were bought in and planted in the nursery (65 Alder/65 Rowan/70 Scots Pine/20 Aspen).  These were supplemented with a donation of 30 (1y/o) Oak and 15 (14 Beech 1oak) grown from seed collected on course. A further 30 regenerated oak beside the 14th Tee box have been identified for transplanting.   The experiment is deemed a success and is now a key feature of the TMP.

The inventory of trees commenced and roughly 50% of trees are logged to date.  There is a lot of work yet to be done but this is not a high priority and can be completed as time permits.

No trees/hybrids were removed in year 1 apart from a handful of losses through windblow/disease. The most notable loss was a large Beech at the entrance which damaged the wall. This was replaced by a juvenile Beech similar to the group planted on 17. The other notable loss was a 300 year old Beech (between holes 3 & 5). A large stump remains and evidence of Butt rot and main trunk rot can be seen.  Unfortunately, this is typical of Beech, internal rot that is not obvious to visual inspection and only shows when what looks like a healthy tree is blown or collapses.

Going Forward year 2

The commitment given at the AGM to replace removals on a 1 to 1 basis is now increased to a 5 (new) to 1 (old).  The plan now is to have 500 new plants at nursery stage by the end of year 2 to meet this commitment.  

Purchase of new bare root plants will include Birch for this dormant season.  Some fast-growing Poplar will also be sourced to be used as short term shelter/screening while the native plants grow. This will allow for the removal of Hybrids that are grouped at one site(s) for later years in the TMP.

A review is currently on-going on updating the original Removals programme. This will be completed by mid-December.  Work will then take place during this winter.  It is envisaged that this will be mainly heavy pruning and possibly a handful of removals.   The review will include identifying locations where filling in by juvenile trees is required (juvenile = similar size trees to the Beech planted this year on the right of 17th).

Two new sites have been identified for a nursery style/final planting place on 17 (left) and between holes 14, 15 & 16.

Finance 2019 & Budget

Costs for the TMP are in line with budget. More details of finance and budgets for the TMP will be presented at the club’s AGM on December 5th.


John Curran, Course Chairman, November 2019

Governance Information document members –  AGM 2019

The Captain and Lady Captain want to bring the following to members in advance of the AGM of Dec 5th. 

Governance Information document members –  AGM 2019

A Governance subcommittee was set up in late 2018 to review current management structures in Beech Park and make recommendations to the Management committee.

The amalgamation of the two governing bodies the ILGU and the GUI into a single representative body, Golf Ireland, prompted Beech Park (BP) to look at its own governance structure and management practices and identify if any changes might be appropriate for the long term viability of the club.

The principle aim of the subcommittee is

  • To identify potential changes that would streamline the governing structure in BP to manage the business in a more efficient and effective way.

Current Structure

The current management structure in BP places great pressure and responsibility each year on the Captains of both Gents and Ladies section:

  • The onus is on the Captains to fill positions on management, golf and sub committees annually.
  • The Captain has the added pressure of chairing the monthly management committee meetings.

There is also a lack of continuity in the Officer roles on the management committee as each Officer serves a one year term (with the exception of the Vice President and Vice Captains) and is dependent on the members for re-election at the Club AGM annually. This risks fragmenting the committee each year leading to disruption for future business planning.


  • Change the role of President from an Honorary role to Chairperson of the Management committee.
  • Extend the term of service of the President /Chairperson and the Hon Sec and Hon treasurer to three years on the management committee with re-election annually at each AGM.
  • The Role of Vice- President is envisioned to cease for 2020 in preparation for 2021 role of New Chair format.
  • A nominations subcommittee to be set up
  • To identify potential candidates for President/Chair of the management committee who need not have been an Officer of the Club and who has experience of management / business.
  • To identify future officers for both Ladies and Gents golf sections.
  • A liaison committee would be set up between the Ladies and Gents section to manage issues of golf that involve both sections, e.g. Open days, Open week, Diary schedules, Mixed competitions.
  • Both Captains would continue to run their respective golf sections.
  • All Officers would have clearly defined roles and duties.
  • All sub committees would have clearly defined duties and objectives with clear goals identified for each committee.
  • These recommendations will be presented to the next management committee meeting and if accepted at this meeting appropriate motions will be put to the to the Club AGM .
  • Any proposed changes ratified at the Club AGM will require amendment of the Constitution of the Club.

Changes to BRS for 9 Hole Competitions

There are some changes taking effect on BRS to facilitate members booking into 9 hole competitions.  These changes will be effective for competitions from Sat 16th November with booking enabled on Thursday 7th at 09:30am.

This will affect all 9-hole competitions until years end.

BRS now offer a facility to reserve a slot on both 9’s when making a booking.

Members logging into BRS to book competitions may have noticed that the booking diary has started to show competitions set up for both 1st and 10th tees as per the image below:


From Thursday 7th November members will need to book for either/both 9’s when making a booking.

Members playing 18 holes will be required to book a slot on both the Front 9 and Back 9 on BRS in order for the Purse System to correctly deduct the correct amount from members purse accounts.  Booking either 9 will effect a €3 deduction from the members purse account so by playing 18 holes the correct €6 will be deducted.

When a member logs into BRS to book golf and select the date they wish to book for they will see the following options at the top of the booking screen circled in red below:

Clicking on the Blue box labelled “Beech Park 1st Tee” will allow the member to book the FRONT 9.

If the member wishes to play 18 holes they should then click on the Green box labelled “Beech Park 10th Tee” in order to reserve a slot on the BACK 9.

The Back 9 timesheet is configured to start approx 2hrs after the Front 9 so that those booking for the Front 9 can then reserve a slot on the back 9 for 2hrs after their Front 9 time.

If any members have any queries about this new process they are requested to send an email to “



Winter Rules – Lift, Clean and PLACE are now in play

Winter Rules are now in operation in Beech Park.  All members are reminded that the local rule is to “Lift, Clean and Place” the ball within 6 inches.

Members are reminded that:

  • You must not bump it, roll it, foot wedge it, toss it or pick up the ball and drop it.
  • You must mark the ball’s original position before lifting. Use a ballmarker, a tee, whatever.
  • You are allowed to clean the ball after lifting. (Pervasive mud on the course is one of the most common reasons for implementing preferred lies.)
  • After cleaning, you must place the ball—again, no bumping, rolling, kicking, tossing, etc.— on a spot within 6 inches of the original position of the ball.