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Women in golf up and running

The Beech Park women in golf program is up and running.  50 women have signed up for the program and can be seen each Thursday evening in Beech Park, enjoying the new ladies golf program.  Great to see this new program taking off in Beech Park.

The 17th Hole – what’s proposed?

Some questions + answers that have been asked in regard to the proposed changes on the 17th hole.

Q: Why are we putting in an open drain?
A: To solve the drainage problem that leads to excessive surface water on the 17th and 13th fairways.
Q: How wide is the drain?
A: The base of the drain will 2ft wide, the depth is 3ft sloping up to a top width of 5ft.
Q: What do we do if we DON’T have the open drain?
A: A new underground “pipe drain “will be installed up to 60 meters across the 17th Fairway. This option will be more expensive then the open drain option and extended time in GUR.
Q: How long with it take and will it disrupt the golfers.
A: The complete project will take 2 weeks from the start date. The drain will be in play almost immediately after construction. For the new bunker and the new grass sodded areas, the GUR will be in place for 4 – 6 weeks.
Q: What machinery will be used?
A: The following machines will be used in the construction. A 9 ton dumper fitted with “grass tyres” A 13 ton digger on tracks. We aim to have minimum disruption to the course and the members.
Q: When will the work start?
A: The provisional start date would be 7th May 2018.
Q: When the left hand bunker is filled in, will the ball run straight into the ditch.
A: The area where the bunker was will be filled to soft undulations. The collar of the green will have a grass height of 10mm. There will then be a semi rough with a grass height of 18mm to the standard rough grass height of 50mm. There is then over 3 meters to the ditch. This area is designed not to punish the slightly wayward approach to the green.

Women in Golf Program kicks off

The women’s get into golf program kicks off in Beech Park on Thursday 19th April for 8 weeks.  With nearly 50 women signed up, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed program over the summer months and seeing lots of new faces on the course.

Welcome to Beech Park ladies – we hope you have a blast!

New Website goes live on 29th April

Beech Park are excited to be launching a new members website on 29th April.  The new website will be user friendly and allow us as a club to have more control over the information on the website as well as the look and feel of the site.  It’s designed by members FOR members.

For those of you who wish to see a preview of the new website, and perhaps test it with the devices you use to book your golf, we will be holding an open “drop in” session on Wednesday evening, 18thApril,  (prior to the EGM) to demonstrate the new website, take your feedback and suggestions and test it against the devices you use to make sure you don’t run into problems when we go live on 29th

Gents Handicap Matchplay

Due to the recent, and persistent, inclement weather it has been decided to put the qualifying for the Gents Handicap Matchplay back by 1 week.  The qualifiers will now take place on Sat 14th and Sun 15th April.

There will be a normal Gents Singles Stableford taking place on both Sat 7th and Sun 8th April instead.
Competitions Sec.