Our Crest

The crest that each member wears on the club sweater carries a brief history of the club within its insignia. Beech Park Golf Club began its life under another name, Bodenstown Golf Club. However its members were at that time playing over a course that did not belong to them.

As a result of an incompatibility between the needs of the Club and those of the land owner, the members decided to up-stakes and begin from scratch to build a course of their own. Thus Beech Park rose form the proverbial ashes of Bodenstown. This rebirth is commemorated by the presence of the Phoenix in the Club crest.

The other symbols on the crest represent features of the new site to which the Club moved in 1983. The windmill is a reference to Windmill Hill which overlooks the new course. The Beech Tree in the crest represents the abundance of mature beech trees from which the Club draws its new name.